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Automated Machinery & Sushi Conveyor System



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Kaiten Sushi is a name given to a sushi restaurant where different variety of Nigiri and Maki sushi with different color plates, placed on the sushi conveyor belt, that travel through every table and counter seat. Customer simply picks up their selections of fresh sushi moving along the sushi conveyor belt. The final bill is base on the number of the different color plate on the table.
Conveyor belt sushi(回転寿司 kaiten-zushi), (くるくる寿司 kuru kuru sushi),  
(yasu-zushi),”Sushi Train” (sushi goes around a track on a train, rather than a conveyor belt) and “Sushi boat” (a miniature wooden boat traveling on a small canal powered by a jet of water in some sushi restaurants).

Our Sushi Conveyor System:-

The body of the sushi conveyor is made of stainless steel 304 grade. This is to prevent rusting and maintain good hygiene standard and practice. The conveyor structure is made of aluminum profile to have high flexibility, good rigidity and light weight. 

Our plastic chains are specially design composite plastic material able to withstand high pulling load and low coefficients of friction. This will reduce the noise and save on electrical consumptions by the motor. We only used CE or UL approved motor and electrical components.

Our quality management system is base on ISO 9001:2008

All parts are systematically inspected before assemble in our factory.